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    Two Private Practices for sale in Manchester

    We recommend the Physio Shop - www.physioshop.co.uk
    I have two private practices for sale in the south side of Manchester close to the M60. They are highly profitable enabling any purchaser to earn over a years NHS wages in 12 hours per week.Having been established over 35 years they have substantial client base an can easily be expanded further. Please contact me at [email protected] or 07761104903.

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    Re: Two Private Practices for sale in Manchester

    We'd like to introduce you all to Bob's Flatmates, Flatmates Home, a new way to find a flatmate, sell your practice, but a practice, rent out some unused clinic space or find that space for the one day a week you need.

    We know that new graduates love to live together, physio's with physio's, ot's, speech therapists etc. i.e. We remember that we all used to live and work together in those early years, whether at home or abroad. So we made this website to make that process a little easier.

    We've actually had this site sitting on the shelf for over 4 years now and so we figure we should just release it. It's simple to list your ad, it's currently free and by the ongoing requests for listings of this type it's also something the community require. Soon we'll match up listings to job and course opportunities in the same areas too.

    We're bound to find a few things to fix during this BETA release but we're ready to go. So why not try us out and let us know when you find a glitch too.

    On Bob's Flat Mates you can:


    For the next two (2) weeks we'll be asking people to add listings to the site to get it all going. And then we'll start promoting your listings far and wide. So get listing...

    So why not try our service today. It's a global website and is designed to show pricing in most global currencies. You can edit or deactivate your listings at any time so are also in total control. We've got a large database of users that we'll promote the listings to as well so we hope in time this will be the go-to resource for our community.

    We've also got a simple 'Report a Listing' button should you notice something that shouldn't be on the site but is (a slight issue when you make listings FREE). So please do use it to keep us aware of anything that seems a little off.

    We hope you like it

    The PhysioBob's Jobs Team

    Aussie trained Physiotherapist living and working in London, UK.
    Chartered Physiotherapist & Member of the CSP
    Member of Physio First (Chartered Physio's in Private Practice)
    Member Australian Physiotherapy Association
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    My goal has always to be to get the global physiotherapy community talking & exchanging ideas on an open platform
    Importantly to help clients to be empowered and seek a proactive & preventative approach to health
    To actively seek to develop a sustainable alternative to the evils of Private Medical Care / Insurance

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