I'm wondering if any physiotherapists working independently in private practice has had any experience working as a Medco medical expert, together with their honest opinion.
I was previously working in private practice under a large organisation who encouraged me to complete the Medco training, which I have passed and completed. I now no longer work for this organisation and have set up my own practice. The Medco website is all very wordy and unclear, therefore I would like to discuss this with someone who has seen patients and completed Medco reports. Specifically I would like to know.

How long do the Medco reports take to complete in practice?
How long does the assessment take in practice?
How different are medco assessments in comparison to assessments through other companies such as bodycare, speed medical, 3d rehab?
Do you get paid for DNA's?
Does Medco require you to have certain opening times, or are they happy with evening and weekend clinics?
Do you get a large volume of referrals through medco?
Has anyone experienced any issues or see any potential issues with the payment process?


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