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    Physio Forum Rules

    Hi all Physio Forum members and guests. I would like to highlight a few of the rules of this forum. Please try to follow these as this helps keep this platform open and available to all participants.

    Those postings that do not follow the rules will be deleted. Repeat offenders might also find their accounts suspended. Thanks for your co-operation:

    • Please do not use any abbreviations in the Titles of your posts
    • Please do not use abbreviations unless earlier identified within the body of your postings.
    • Although this forum is open to people whose first language is not English, please try your best to spell words in English. There is a spell check that does assist so please use it.
    • Please keep postings to the topic and refrain from making personal attacks against other members.
    • If you wish to have a rant'n'rave about something then this is fine but please use your BLOG section to do so. This can be found at the bottom of the options in your user control panel UserCP.
    • Importantly this forum is not designed to have students post their essay topics and dissertation topics. Postings that are clearly looking for an easy way out instead of using other options such as search engines and text books will be removed. You will find that no one will answer these types of questions anyway.

    Many thanks for your compliance with these simple requests.



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    Re: Physio Forum Rules

    How can I upload my problem and get possible treatment? I'm new here. I already registered here. So help me out please. I am using the site by my mobile phone. So help me please

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