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    Major problem / Symptomatic Areas

    Shoulder - Posterior - Right

    Hurt Shoulder-Posterier 6 months later and still causing pain.

    Hi there - I hurt myself during a "lateral raises" set back in July/August of last year (2015). I’ve seen 2 physios (3 weeks with one and 5 weeks with another), consulted my GP and been referred to an orthopaedic specialist who is setting up an MRI scan. I've had X-rays and an ultrasound on my shoulder, and everything looked good. However, it’s continuously painful and uncomfortable, as if I permanently slept funny on it or something - it never really goes away, just a constant dull, tensed up pain. I can feel a big solid knot where it hurts.

    When I hurt it, it was agony, like I was stabbed with a metal pole in the back. I tried to find a way to immediately support it as it hurt so much - holding my arm up or down, resting the weight of my arm on a table - but no position I tried helped relieve the pain. It settled down to a deep dull pain and has pretty much stayed like that since

    I’ve supplied a diagram to indicate where the pain is coming from.
    Some notes: I have no restriction in movement or strength issues caused by it and no tingling or similar sensations along my arm etc. All the usual standing-up tests have been done and I’ve been doing the recommended exercises to strengthen my back and the muscles around the area. But nothing is happening to improve things, it just seems to tense the area up more. It feels like something that a good massage would take care of, which I've also tried - but 6 months down the line, I'm still not much better.

    Is their any advice or help anyone could give? It’s been going on for so long now with very little, if any, improvement. I take 800mg Ibuprofen a day to combat the discomfort, but even then I don’t notice a difference really.

    Thank you


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