Hi All,

Just want to see if anyone has any helpful input on my injury.

I damaged my hamstring about 2 years ago playing football. I bent over to pick a ball up fast and a pain shot through my right upper hamstring (i wouldnt be the most flexible to begin with and would struggle to touch my toes without bending my knees) . I went to a physio who didnt really help much with the problem. I have took time out and followed rehabs and yet 2 years on it is still as bad.

I went through the process of slow straight runs and building up to sprinting and then quick turns etc along with stretching and exercises. To begin with it was sore for them types of exercises. However now, sprinting seems to be fine and the majority of the time turning sharply is fine, however the odd occasion I can feel it "pull" after a certain sharp turn. The only real consistent time i can really feel the sharp pain is kicking the ball low and hard but its always niggly during training. My bad hamstring is the standing leg.

Even though my hamstring may feel ok during runs etc, after wards it is usually tender and sore for a day or two after. I have noticed from sitting in certain positions that there seems to be a pit or a hole at the top of my outer hamstring comparing to my other leg? I originally thought it may be the hamstring muscle itself but after this time and searching think maybe it could be the upper tendon that was damaged instead, if that is possible for the way it was hurt?

The original physio wasnt great in my opinion and i lost confidence in going to another physio after. Any help or input would be appreciated.


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