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36 yr old male/ powerlifter
Feb 2017 I attempted a 540lbs bench, and at the top the bar rolled back in my hand.. no symptoms presented.

Woke up the next morning to a throbbing pain in my neck, spasms in my tricep/bicep/ and pec on my right side and num sensation in my forearm and fingers (thumb,index and middle)

Rehabbed including antiinflammatories, tens, ice etc. After a few days the pain stopped, but the loss of sensation and weakness remained.

Over the past two years those affected muscles began to atrophy, my right arm measured around the bicep is 15" the left arm is 17

Had an MRI done that showed a bulging in c5,c6 and a herniation in c7. Spinal specialist said though that he didn't believe this was the cause of the numbness in my hand or the muscle atrophy and scheduled me for an EMG and nerve conduction study.

Results from EMG were that I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and I meet with an orthodontist on April 8th.

My concern is how would carpal tunnel cause muscle atrophy in my pec,tricep,bicep,lat and shoulder..I know the median nerve comes out around c7/t1...any help or advice you can give would be appreciated.

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