Hi guy.ls. About 12 months ago I injured my knee sparing in a martial art called Brazilian jiujitsu. Basically my knee was inverted with a valgus movement. I feel pain on the inside of my knee where the insertion point of my mcl is. I went to an orthopedic doctor who had me get an xray and mri of my knee. Both came back negative.

After the injury I had no swelling or buckling of the knee. The doctor gave me a cortison shot, but it did not help much. He told me if the pain persists to come back to him and we can get an MRI with contrast but it's not very effective and he thinks my knee is totally normaly. I went through physical therapy but it did nothing for the pain. I feel the most pain when walking or squatting 90 degrees. The pain was definitely worst at the beginning but its much less now. It still persists a year later. My doctor thinks it's just inflam

Any advice on what I should do in this situation? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've looked up a million things it could be.

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