Hello, im 29 years old overweight guy, ive been hitting the gym for 3 months and ive made a really great progress since then, two weeks ago I had a very sharp pain that i felt between the shoulder and chest when i was doing triceps pressdown.I was able to complete my sets and all of my workout routine without a single pain but after several days when i went to sleep i felt a pain on my left upper arm and since then my triceps pain from my upper arm to elbow hurts alot and its in pain,i went to doc to take a mri test for my shoulder and ill get my shoulder mri results soon but i dont know what happened to me i also feel a dull pain on my chest where pec muscle is, it hurts when i breathe.

I have no loss of strength on my injured triceps arm and i have full range of motion but its in pain 24/7 and when i try to push or pull things my tricep pain hurts even more after i done with it.

Anyone can help me to figure it out? yes i will see doc but i want to hear it out from you all too.

This is back of my arm as shown in the picture.

Jpeg — imgbb.com

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