Hey guys,

I just joined this forum and is looking for some advice. I am a competitive tennis player. I play all sorts of the tournament, if not the international ones! But, lately, I have been having some shoulder pain. It is affecting my backhand service! My coach and doubles partner are worried about that. My doubles partner keep telling me to visit a chiropractor because that's what cured his sports-related injuries or ailments. But my uncle, who is a nurse, says chiropractors are quacks. I know it is irrational, but I have also heard it from a few others. Anyway, I decided against it and had my first appointment with a chiropractor in North York this morning. He asked to take X-rays, and I will be soon returning for a prognosis on any treatment needs I have. And the best part is that all this only cost me a few dollars. So I just figured, if I could get an initial treatment and recommendation regarding what future treatment is needed, for a few dollars, then it is economical. Like, if I use my insurance to see a regular or sports medicine doctor for my shoulder, I'll have to pay a higher amount for x-rays and appointments. So I have decided to give chiropractic a try!

What do you guys think? What experiences have you had with a chiropractor? I am hoping to hear from you folks who have had real experiences( good or bad)! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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