Hi all,

With covid, I cant get my injury seen by a physio so after some input.

I have a strain on my groin slightly inner of centre at the top of my leg towards my hip. I would say its more tendon or ligament from the location rater than the muscle.

Ive had a slight niggle on and off in the same location for a year or two, I have assumed its came from kicking a ball. However, roughly 10 weeks ago it got worse from a 5k run. it continued to be sore while running so I stopped. I iced my leg twice a day for a few weeks, however it doesn't seem to be improving and actually seems to have gotten slightly worse.

Its sore when getting up, lifting my leg and even after a period of walking. The easiest way of sourcing the location of the pain is when sitting down and lifting my leg and moving it in and out. I have stooped activities that aggravate the location however after 10 weeks with zero improvement Im looking some advice.


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