It had been almost two months of pain on my left elbow by the time I finally went to the PT's office, and he diagnosed me with epicondylitis. But then a month into the treatment, my right forearm started presenting the same pain. So, returning to the doctor, he started suspecting the problem might be back/posture related, and not epicondylitis at all. Unfortunately, I can't afford treatment and this is not covered by my insurance. My case isn't too bad, I have mild pain, but it's big enough that I halted all upper body weight training. I fear this problem might have something to do with spinal loading during squats/deadlifts. I have been going to the gym since Sept 2019, and since COVID hit, I built myself a home gym. I want to be able to treat myself and get rid of this pain, but I have no idea what to do. I can't afford proper treatment, and the PT himself warned me that postural treatment isn't quick and easy, it takes long months, lots of sessions and care. I have to find another way, I want to feel well again and to get back to training. What can I do?

Thank you.

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