Hi Physio experts,

26th December 2020 I was in the gym and unfortunately tried a "hero lift". It's now 9 months later and I am still affected by my injury.
Essentially it was a heavy overhead press with dumbbells however one wasn't kicked up high enough so my arm had to support the weight at 45 degrees in front of me. Immediately I had a sharp pain in my back between my spine and shoulder blade. I thought I had slightly torn a muscle which took around 4 weeks to heal enough for me to be able to lay on my right side. I also had very limited motion to move my head around for the following week. That eventually passed and I am left which what I can only describe as nearly a pinched nerve pain or a dull constant feeling. I can pinpoint exactly where I feel it and it affects my ability to hold my head in a 90 degree right position as well as a head forward and down position. The pain location is at the insertion point to my right shoulder blade from what I think could be the rhomboid major. See photos that point to the exact location with my arm in both an up and down position. If anyone can please help it would be really appreciated! (FYI this is my first post on the forum).

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