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Thread: Canada or Uk

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    Canada or Uk

    Add your physio job on Physiobob.com
    Which is the best place to get a job....Canada or UK?
    Given a choice where would you like to go and why


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    If you are prepared to suffer and bleed, come to Canada
    Licence is hard to get....hopefully not impossible
    I worked in clincs, and here its all about money, and alot of job opportunities

    England, less money, but more physio caring, less opportunities

    u choose

    id come to canada if u r ready to sweat

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    dnt even think about the uk!!!
    the nhs is exceptionally crap. too many physio's who are jobless (myself for example who has been looking continuously for 7 months now!!!) infact i am applying to reg. in canada.

    if you've got a substantial amount of experience then you may have a slight chance. true, the system is very good....when you're in it!!!

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    my friend works in ENgland and you can get jobs as a locum and pay is great

    id register in both plcaes if i were u
    good lukc

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    yes quite true.....but locum companies like 'experience'...only then they consider anything. if you've got that, then sure......locuming is great!

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    I work in Canada, have been here for many years now. I trained in Vienna, so I had to write the exam, yes, I had to study hard, so...
    Now Canada has the National Physio Exam, which EVERYBODY has to write, even the new graduates, sort of like a Bar Exam,
    but it is my understanding that as a foreign physio you can get a temporary license good for one year, which allows you to work.
    I think the queations you need to ask yourself are more what you want in life, and out of your profession. Canada has tremendious physio programs, several are now masters programs, so job opportunities extend into research and teaching, or of course the hospitals, or private practice, where you can set up your own clinic or work for someone else. These clinics are often big on sports therapy, but have really a wide variety of cases.
    Physiotherapy is a well respected profession here, and quite decently paid.
    Then there is the life style. If you are an outdoorsy person, into hiking, camping, skiing, sailing, etc. this might just be your place. Chose the province well, there are huge differences. I live in BC., the best of all places, of course!
    If you are into the cultural scene and like to go to the theater, opera, concerts, art galleries etc, stay in Europe. Although we have some here, it does not compare with Europe, specially London, not even in Toronto.
    to find out details about working in Canada, check the Canadian Physiotherapy Ass. web site.
    Good luck !!!!!!!!!!

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    Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I trained in india and now i am in the uk on a temporary work visa.I work in the nhs as a band 5 physio and it is a fixed term contract which will expire in july. my work permit will expire in december...I wonder if i must keep trying to get a permanent physio job or going back to India and try canada....
    I will have 6 months of nhs experience and 2.5 years of experience in India.....
    what r my chances of gettin a senior 2 post??

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    Re: Canada or Uk

    Add your physio job on Physiobob.com
    Hi there, I am considering working in the UK, from Canada. Do you know where can I find information regarding how much a Physio makes and cost of living?

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