I'm a physiotherapist from Pakistan and I applied for registration as a physio with the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand last year in July. I received the initial assessment report in October in which I was asked to provide further evidence to demonstrate competence for the Physiotherapy practice thresholds. I submitted further evidence in December and in February 2021, I was given the second assessment report in which I was informed that the evidence was not sufficient to demonstrate competence. I have been given the offer to take the competence exam in New Zealand in either musculoskeletal, cardiovascular-respiratory or neurology at either the Auckland University of Technology Department of Physiotherapy (AUT Physiotherapy) or the University of Otago School of Physiotherapy.

If anyone has gone through a similar experience and has given the exam or just has information about this, can you please provide some guidance regarding the competence exam? Although I have been provided a general guideline from the Board, I'd appreciate if a little more detail about the exam was available, i.e. what the exam is like, what sort of material should I prepare for, etc. I want to give the exam for the musculoskeletal practice so if there's any guidance regarding that, it'd be really helpful.
Secondly, if anyone has given the exam, which school of physiotherapy would be more suitable? I know both of them might be the same but is there a difference in the environment, clinical setup, examiners, etc. between them?

Thank you.

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