Hello and thank you for finding time to read my post.

I'm 23 year old graduated physiotherapist from Macedonia (Europe). Must say tho Macedonia is not part of the EU.
I've graduated 3 years ago, took some time to travel, did a 1 year degree in french as foreign language, did one year in chemistry in Switzerland, I also hold a professional formation degree as a pharmaceutical technician. My physiotherapy and pharmacy degrees are both from a Macedonian school/university.
I've always wanted to work and live in the UK, so I started doing some research about how to get there.
I'm looking for an internship, a part time job that would put me back in the game and help me potentially get a full time job.
Could you please give me some tips about where to start? What do I need to sort out first in order to get to the UK?
Where can I look for jobs/internships knowing that I don't have any professional experience in a hospital yet, apart from working as a free lance physio.
Thank you in advance for your answers!
Looking forward to hear from you

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