I am 17 years qualified (studied in Aberdeen) and have been working in Dublin since 2006. Im applying for band 6 jobs in Scotland and find that HR only want to place me on point 2 of band 6 for the reason that I only worked 2 years in Scotland at a similar scale prior to moving over to Ireland. Im on top senior scale in Ireland and dont want a band 7 post. Ive also worked in England before moving to Ireland

1) Has anyone else had this problem either moving from Ireland or elsewhere in the UK outside of Scotland? If so how did you get around it?
2) Human Resouces also say its the number of full years worked in Scotland, not England so have any physios who have moved from England to Scotland been asked to move to a lower point on band 6 scale?

Sounds like a grey area.

Any advice, experience would be appreciated


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