I am a year graduated from my degree in Biochemistry and have been researching Physiotherapy for the past 8-9 months. As I'm 25 I don't want to spend another 4 years in college doing another degree so the pre-registration masters in physiotherapy is very appealing to me time-wise. The only problem is my boyfriend is American so whatever program I choose has to allow me to be able to get acredited as a physical therapist in the US and work there. The fact that the pre-reg masters is 2 years in length, compared to the four year undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy that's offered here in Ireland, is that a major disadvantage when applying to get your credentials checked in the US?

I have been looking into the process that entails getting your degrees certified by the FCCPT and I'm quite worried that I could be years doing CLEP courses to make up for deficiencies in my physiotherapy education!!

Has anyone gone through this process or is aware of someone who has taken the same path as me to become a physiotherapist and get a visa to work in the US??

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