Hello, I am a physiotherapy student in my final year, and I am seeking for an internship place in United Kingdom, to start next September, 2013, as soon as I finish my degree. My main goal is to get enrolled in the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme, and do a practical internship in the UK with the duration of 3 to 6 months.
If any Hospital or Clinic ,who is reading this, could possibly be interested in receiving me, please let me know.
A little information about me, I am a female, 21 years, and I am very passionate about my future profession. It would be a honor to me, if I could learn with the best and show what I already know.
My native country is Portugal, my main field of interest is Physiotherapy in Women's Health, but I could do my internship in all the several fields of physiotherapy.

The best regards!
E. Santos

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