Hi everyone hope you are all well.

My name is Phil and my job is as a specialist Physiotherapy recruiter for the UK. I work primarily recruiting locums but I do have some permanent positions I advertise also. I can see there are a lot of questions regarding compliance for working in the UK and it can be a minefield trying to get the right applications completed but I will try my best to help where I can. I will be honest and give the best advice to secure overseas workers jobs in the UK. Primarily our customers prefer face to face interviews so being in the UK already is a big advantage. If you have your degree, your HCPC registration, DBS, and work visa (if applicable) we stand a good chance of at least of finding you something. As I mentioned honesty is the best policy, if I can't find you work in an area or we struggle for a specific reason I will tell you, but you never know what is round the corner and as as trusted Healthcare recruiter with over 14 years experience we will do everything we can to secure you that role.

email me via physioforum for more info or at [email protected] or at https://www.linkedin.com/in/phil-johnson-192092147/

Or just message in the thread, if I can help I will

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