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    Lightbulb How to integrate Wikipedia references into your posts

    You'll notice on the formatting bar above a new thread or a reply that there is a button that look like the 'W' from the word Wikipedia. Click on that button and you will get the following added to your post ''[.WIKIPEDIA][/WIKIPEDIA]"

    Now if you are certain the terms you'd like to reference have a Wikipedia entry (best to do a quick check on wikipedia for spelling and the best link to use) you can add those terms in between the wiki tags. e.g. the words Cruciate ligament would be placed in between e.g. [.WIKIPEDIA]Cruciate ligament[/WIKIPEDIA] and would give you this Wikipedia reference-linkCruciate ligament

    Wikipedia has 1000's of contributors to the medical world and many of the items relating to physiotherapy are already there. e.g. Wikipedia reference-linkLachman test OR Wikipedia reference-linkPivot-shift test OR Wikipedia reference-linkHip resurfacing

    You'll be surprised what you can link to.

    Using the Wikipedia tags within your posts for the most useful element will continue to extend the value of the forum beyond the content that we ourselves are contributing.

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    Re: How to integrate Wikipedia references into your posts

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