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  • Complex Case Studies

    A discussion group for complex case studies. A new case study will be posted monthly, allowing discussion on assessment options, techniques, diagnosis, treatment, management and prognosis!

    A great place to bounce ideas and learn new skills. First case study will be posted at the end of May (31.05.2011).

    Case studies will be biased towards musculoskeletal / private practice.

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    New Case Studies
  • ACL re-injury


    I am a qualified physiotherapist and currently i am conducting my dissertation for my master degree in UK. I would really appreciate your help, if any of you have an experience with an athlete regarding a second ACL injury after returning to the sports field. I will collect data via skype, chat or e mails -no more than 15 minutes- and i would really appreciate it if you can help me with that.
    Please contact me as soon as possible.

    Thank you in advance

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  • Kinesio Taping World First Innovation !

    This will teach you how to obtain the best result in applying Kinesio Tapings, for FREE!

    Category: Musculoskeletal
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  • rising physiotherapists

    Hello members
    This group is made for all physiotherapists specially students to discuss about their field and every stuff related to their studies
    hope this would help us a lot
    ahmad inam
    physiotherapy student

    Category: Musculoskeletal
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  • Preparing for the Canadian PCE

    This is a group created to suport internacional and national PTs who are studying for the Canadian PCE. Doubts, Tips, Books...One place for everything

    Last Activity: 14-10-2018 07:32 AM

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    how to start studying?
  • PTE course

    Hi Dear PTE candidates
    Optimalrehab is a well-known physiotherapy cooperation that offers preparatory courses for written and clinical national exam for internationally educated physiotherapist who are interested in becoming registered physiotherapist in Canada. We have been conducting our classes since 2011 in the province of Ontario and we have an excellent rate of students passing both clinical and written exam. Classes are on one-on-one basis and they are held in North York area in a physiotherapy clinic. We have recently added an online preparatory course that students can register as well. Please visit our website at Optimalrehab for more information
    you can also email:poonehafkary@gmail.com OR optimal_rehab@yahoo.com

    Last Activity: 11-10-2018 07:48 PM

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    PTE course in Toronto
  • PCE exam Prep for Feb 2017 or April 2017

    Looking for a study group in Toronto. Please feel free to send me an email untalm13@gmail.com

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    We are happy to announce the dates for our PCE Prep Course for the June 2017 PCE: Clinical Component. We have updated the course for 2017 and expanded it to 5 weeks to include more material, more practice time, and more mock questions!

    This course is designed to tackle all concerns students have while preparing for the PCE. Our 5 week program is designed to prepare both Canadian and International Physiotherapy Residents for the Clinical Component.

    The 5 week program includes a 230+ page PTDI: 2017 PCE CLINICAL COMPONENT STUDY GUIDE (NEW UPDATED VERSION) to allow you to review all the course material prior to each course date. This comprehensive handbook is designed to help guide you in your preparation for your Physiotherapy Competency Exam!

    The course is limited to 16 students. There is only 12 spaces available for the full 5 weeks including OSCE. 4 spaces will be for the first 4 weeks of the course only, as spaces are very limited for the mock OSCE exam on the 5th week. The PTDI: 2017 PCE CLINICAL COMPONENT STUDY GUIDE is included with both the 4 week and 5 week program.

    Course Dates (5 Days):
    Sunday April 2 (Day 1)
    Sunday April 9 (Day 2)
    Sunday April 16 (Day 3)
    Sunday April 23 (Day 4)
    Sunday April 30 (Day 5 Mock OSCE day)

    Propel Physiotherapy
    1 Eva Rd #107
    Etobicoke, ON
    M9C 4Z5

    What our course includes:
    1. Comprehensive study guide which covers the major topics you need to pass.
    2. Includes detailed assessment and treatment techniques that you need to know for MSK, cardiorespiratory, neurological, multi-systems, amputations/post-op, and pediatric conditions.
    3. Includes relevant Professional Practice information that you need to know to practice safely in Canada.
    4. 5 week program (4 day education + daily mock exams, 1 day OSCE examination).
    5. High instructor to student ratio to give you the personal attention and feedback you need.
    6. Connect with other PCE candidates who are serious about passing the PCE and form practice groups.
    7. Practice with gait aids, modalities, and other assessment and treatment devices.
    8. Online community with full access to our team of Canadian-educated Registered Physiotherapists until you take the exam.

    Online component:
    Expectations and structure of PCE

    Sunday April 2 - Day 1 (9am-5pm):
    Professional standards of practice
    Safety and professional issues
    Mobility aids, ambulation and transfers
    Post-operative conditions and considerations
    o Overview of arthritic and systemic conditions
    o Education to patients
    o Treatment techniques
    Mock examination & feedback of day 1
    Sunday April 9 - Day 2 (9am-5pm):
    Review of day 1 Q&A
    Multisystem (Continued)
    o Overview of arthritic and systemic conditions
    Cardiorespiratory subjective and objective examination
    o Inspection
    o Palpation
    o Percussion
    o Auscultation
    Cardiorespiratory treatment techniques
    o Secretion clearance techniques
    o Proper use of respiratory devices
    o Education and self-management techniques
    Mock examination & feedback
    Sunday April 16 - Day 3 (9am-5pm):
    Review of day 2
    Musculoskeletal subjective and objective examination
    o Movement Examination
    o Goniometry
    o Manual muscle testing
    o Reviewing special tests
    o Quadrant scan exam
    Musculoskeletal treatment techniques
    o Mobilizations
    o AROM/AAROM/PROM/Resistance
    o Proprioception exercises
    o Exercise principles
    Mock examination & feedback
    Sunday April 23 - Day 4 (9am-5pm):
    Neurological subjective and objective examination
    o Balance
    o Safe handling and bed positioning of neurological patients
    o Neurological treatment techniques
    o Exercise prescription and considerations
    o Gross developmental milestones
    o Neurodevelopmental techniques
    Mock examination & feedback
    Sunday April 30 - Day 5 Mock OSCE day (9am-6pm):
    Limited to 12 students.
    Mock examinations
    o 5 minute stations with post-encounter probe
    o 10 minute stations
    Group Feedback
    Individual Feedback

    *Schedule subject to change

    Check us out on Facebook to see photos, videos, and testimonials from our past courses!

    Last Activity: 11-10-2018 07:47 PM

    5 member(s)
  • PCE Clinical Prep Nov 2018 ( Toronto)

    I'm looking for a study partner or group in Downtown Toronto.

    email : untalm13@gmail.com

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  • study partner Clinical Nov 2018 in Mississauga Ontario for

    No Description

    Last Activity: 11-10-2018 07:45 PM

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