Body alignment and balance comes when our midline anatomy can be arranged on the median plane. This is possible when the body has a full range of natural movement and our midline anatomy can achieve full extension.

The linea alba and nuchal & supraspinous ligaments are linear structures on the body's midline that should be felt to be in alignment (with the sense of conscious proprioception), this comes by connecting with the muscles either side - namely the rectus abdominis and trapezius muscles.

Work towards balance and alignment by focusing on the '5 main muscles of movement', starting with the Base-Line muscles: pelvic floor 'Base' rectus abdominis 'Line'. The body's core pillar of strength and key muscles to focus on for better health. Think stronger and longer with every in-breathe.

The gluteus maximus and rectus femoris muscles of each leg should work in tandem to link the legs to Base-Line support. The rectus femoris like a strong pole down the front of the thigh aligning hip and knee joints,

The trapezius muscles like a blanket of muscle that should be smooth and wrinkle free, from mid-back to the back of the head, shoulder to shoulder supporting the head and arms.

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