Good evening everybody, I am Raffaele and I write from Italy.
Last year in March I dislocated my right shoulder while playing tennis. It was put in place right after the accident thanks to a physiotherapist who was there at the moment. From the day after my shoulder has been immobilised for the next +-2 weeks. Then my orthopaedic doctor prescribed me an MRI and an Hydrokinetic therapy in order to start regaining the full motion and strength of the shoulder. The MRI was fine, no major issues and no damage to the rotator cuff (ask me if you need more detailed infos). Rehab finished I could start again doing some light gym and the exercised that the physiotherapist adviced me to do with the elastic bands (for rotator cuff muscles).
Starting from January of this year I feel pain in my neck (right) and some monts later I also start having the feeling that my left hip and external quadriceps easily fatigue during a walk. Noticing that the gym and the elastic band exercises make the problems get worse I stopped everything but it didnít work, the pain became stronger with time so my doctor prescribed me tecar therapy and massages.
5 tecar therapy and 2 massages after, the problem just get a little bit better, but not solved.
Can, some of you, please explain me what is the correlation between those symptoms (if there is one...) and what is the best path for me to follow ?

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