I would like to study physiotherapy in western europe - and I find it really hard to decide in which country I speak German, English, Dutch, a little bit of French, Swedish and Spanish - and I love learning languages anyway - and I also still have time before I can study , so that`s not a problem!
When I just consider the countries themselves, I would like to study in Italy or Spain...But I red that the education there would not be as good as for example in the Netherlands or in Ireland? I also red that the physiotherapists in these countries have to work very dependant on the doctors and do not make any diagnosis on their own? Is this true?
Do you think I will have better chances to find work if I study in a country with "a better image"? Would I have trouble later if I don`t learn how to work autonomous if I want to work somewhere else later? Or is it just important to get a Bachelor?

Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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