Hey friends,

so I am an Austrian student studying in Leuven and I am in my Bachelor's degree. The courses are in Dutch. Having an Italian girlfriend and knowing that I don't want to spend my life in Belgium I am looking for the options I have to choose the right Master in my situation.

My concerns are that the Bachelor here is pretty theoretical and it would be difficult to find a Master somewhere else which is making up for this. Students here are meant to proceed with their Master's in Leuven because there they get all their internships.

Now my questions.

-Does someone know a Uni where they offer Master's programmes in English/German that are internship heavy? Preferable countries would be Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

-What are the most recognized Uni's/countries in Europe to offer Master's?

-And how would I qualify with a Master from Leuven on the European Market?

All of this is just to find out about all the options that I have to make a good decision. I know that some of my questions are phrased very vague, but maybe someone can give me some helpful advice in my situation.

Thanks Guys, have a nice day!

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