Hi all. I'm looking at a career change and was hoping to get some advice from those who have been there and done it with regards to a physiotherapy degree. I have a first-class hons degree in journalism, despite having geared my A Levels towards physiotherapy, by doing biology and PE (as well as English). I graduated in 2011 and have since been working in journalism, but can't get my thoughts away from physiotherapy/sports rehabilitation - and I want to do something about it before it's too late, if it's not already!

Having already done a degree and been in reasonably well-paid employment for more than four years, I'm not sure I can financially afford a second degree. I know the NHS will fund the course costs for physiotherapy (sadly not the case for sports rehab) but the prospect of three years paying rent/bills/living with no income and no student loan is a little worrying.

Has anyone done this previously or does anyone have any advice? Ideally I think of the two options, sports rehab is more the area I want to be in, but I think I have to rule that out completely due to the lack of NHS funding.

Also, I notice a couple of unis may accept people onto their pre-reg physio MSc even without a science-based degree. This would be ideal as it's only two years - but do you think this will be too challenging to get onto a course or catch up on the work without a science background?

Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated. I've emailed a lot of universities, all with conflicting advice so it would be great to hear from those of you who have been there and done it themselves.


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