My dream job would be to follow an athlete or a team around the world during their competitions and even if I can, to the Olympics. I want to be able to help them reach their own goals and help them to get over injuries. I have a big dilemma. I live in Canada and I want to do my bachelor degree in Exercise Science, specialized in Athletic Therapy. For my master, I am hesitant as where to do it. I know that Australia have some of the best programs, but I was wondering if it is possible to do a master in physiotherapy if my undergrad is in Athletic Therapy. My other choice would be to do my Master at either McGill, but I know that they are adding a year to the master if you are from another university (to make sure everybody starts at the same level) or at another university in Canada (I don't know which one though...)
Moreover, I also have the choice to only do my undergrad in Exercise Science and then do some internships in Australia or in other countries and take complementary classes like Coach Performance, nutrition, etc. to have a better background.

I am asking for your opinion or your own experience because I am really lost right one. I plan to work probably in Canada, but I would also like to try Australia if I study there. All answers would be appreciated,

Thank you

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