My name is Reneira and I am currently a PhD research at Imperial College London. My research area involves developing a novel wearable solution to support those with lower back pain in performing physiotherapist-recommended exercises from home. I am also working towards finding ways to support physiotherapists and their work with patients by providing an interface to track patient progress outside of the clinic.

I have created this survey for physiotherapists just to get a better understanding on the ways chronic lower back pain are currently managed and whether physiotherapists could benefit from novel supporting wearable technologies to help treat their patients.

I would be really grateful if you could fill it in, in your own time and also help circulate it to your fellow colleagues!

Physiotherapists outlook on the treatment and management of chronic lower back pain.

If they would like further information too, then there is this link to the project description too: Reneira Seeamber MedTech SuperConnector

Thank you.

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