Hi everyone,
I would appreciate if you could spend few minutes to read my story.
I am 26 and recently have been diagnosed with joint hypermobility...It all started during pregnancy two years ago. I suffered from a lower back pain spreading right down my left leg. Around four months ago my husband took me to the acupuncturist who manipulated my (!) upper back, between shoulder blades. The initial pain has disappeared but now I have a upper back pain. My physio said that might be due to the trauma experienced by violent manipulation. After assessing me he told me that three of my vertebrae are stiff and there is hardly any movement in them (somehow I've learnt how not to use them). I was referred for palates. The girl gave me an exercise to strengthen my stomach muscles. Please correct me if I'm wrong but i think this would be more useful for a lower back...The day I went to see the physio he's moved me about and pain was gone for the whole day! I wonder if anyone here could show me how to perform the exercises to get my back moving. I have a husband who would be able to assist as they didn't look too difficult (however, I forgot..). Please help me..I have a young child who needs his mummy to be active...

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