Can anyone offer some words of wisdom?? I'm looking to gain confidence in the world of MSK. I've been a physio for a few years but got made redundant from the NHS (not an MSK post) and then have since just been working as a sole trader. As a result I have not had the benefit of experience from other physios and I have stuck to the very uncomplicated cases just to maintain my registration and keep my hand in whilst my children are small. I am now wanting to push myself a bit more and get a much better, deeper and more current knowledge and understanding of MSK issues and I wonder if there are any courses that anyone would recommend in order to gain really good up to date MSK knowledge that would help me have a better grasp of the anatomy/physiology involved as well as clinical reasoning/treatments for MSK issues. Ideally it would be something I could do mostly via distance learning but this isn't essential. Would it be an MSc course? Somm? A range of smaller courses? A site that offers lots of up to date CPD that I can subscribe to? Can anyone recommend anything?

Thanks in advance!

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