So in the front upper area of my right leg it seems as though something is too short sorry for this basic description i am not too familiar with the anatomy of the human body. If i lay on my back and lift my body up with just my left leg i am able to lift my body right up off the floor with the full range of movement in my hip joint, on my right side however when i try to do this its like there is a tight band running down my leg attached to my hip, i cannot complete the motion without my hip being pulled out of place meaning when i hold my hip in place i am very restricted as to how far i can move due to this tight banding. This means when standing and placing my body weight down both legs i have to raise my right heel off the floor to prevent my upper body distorting this is incredibly uncomfortable in the calf area when performing standing tasks and giving me a sort of hobbled walk, sort of feels like my right leg is more of a stilt. I have tried quite rigorous stretching of whatever it is that is so tight, mainly by standing on my left leg and pulling my right leg tightly behind me as hard as i can and holding for 30 - 40 seconds, i do this about three times twice a day. Im hoping i can get some advice from someone who perhaps has experience in dealing with this type of problem and some kind of description of what it is that is wrong, I would greatly appreciate it as im not making a great deal of progress. Is there any other methods of stretching, could it be permanent? Im sort of hoping wheres theres a will theres a way!
Also ill add i was in hospital with my leg in traction when i was a lot younger and believe this could be the cause.


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