I suffered a partial adductor tendon tear plus bone edema playing soccer in May this year. Been to several physiotherapists since then. The first therapist did strenghening exercises (although still under pain) and advised I can go to soccer training again after some weeks. I tried twice in September but after training the pain got worse again. So no soccer since then. I also gave up leg training in the gym for a while because it would not heal. Now since 4 weeks no training at all but I want to start again with upper body training in the gym at least. The recent physio did massages and ultrasound, again no major improvement. Also suggested black rolling but not sure whether this is doing any good? I am afraid I will never get back to the pitch again. Should I consider surgery at one point if it does not get better? Or should I see another therapist (but what should the therapy plan look like then?)?

1000 thanks! Thomas

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