Hi All,

I recently had bilateral sports hernia and bilateral adductor tenotomy surgery 13 weeks ago -

I've had a few setbacks with what i believe is my left adductor tendon- I've felt a tear on one occasion during my first sprinting phase of rehab - i immediately stopped and went back to consultant - he said there was no permanent damage (adductor strength was very good) and most likely scar tissue was the tear - he stepped me back in my rehab.

I continued through my rehab and i went back to surgeon and he said to step up my rehab that it was fine - i was starting to feel ok and started my sprinting rehab again - first 2 sessions went fine (10 x80m)- no pain during but would get slight swelling and pain after but felt more like DOMS. This was both legs.

Then 3 days ago i felt very very sharp pulling pain in again upper left adductor on my first sprint - i stopped and it swelled straight away. very sore to walk on. Ive R.I.C.E it for 3 days - it is easing but i just feel / felt all along something is not right with the left adductor.

Ive been to my gp and he said i should see a sports physician - i did not want to return to my surgeon as i feel im just a number with him now he has completed the surgery

Can someone please help me as its costing me a fortune , getting extremely disheartening and im unsure where i can go or what i can do - any advice is greatly appreciated.


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