Hello, I fell over whilst skiing 6 weeks ago, and was on crutches and a knee brace for two weeks, and didnít bear any weight on the injured leg until I got back home (on hindsight I probably shouldnít have waited that long to start bearing weight). I had my MRI two weeks after the injury. MRI has confirmed itís a complete tear in MCL and ACL (meniscus intact). Doc told me to stay in the brace for another 3 weeks to give the MCL a chance to heal. Finally took off the brace last week and have been trying to walk, but Iím still walking with a limp. I have been going to physio for 4 weeks already but have not managed to regain much of my range of motion (ROM). Once I bend my knee to 95 to 100 degrees, the pain kicks in. The pain has been at a similar sort of level for the last 4 weeks, and the inner part of the knee starts hurting once knee flexion reaches 90 degrees. Itís like there is this block there that wouldnít allow me to bend it any further. This has been been very frustrating because Iíve not seen much of an improvement in my ROM despite doing all the exercises prescribed by the physio. The physio himself has said that my ROM progress has been slow compared to many patients heís worked with.

Has anyone had a similar experience where it took them a long time to achieve their ROM? I am just a little worried that because itís taken this long that Iím not going to get my full ROM back.

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