Dear specialists,

Here is some background information about me:
I am a healthy, 40-year old woman who is hyperlax. I have suffered from ankle instability since I was 14-years-old, with multiple sprains and ligament tears. I have gone through multiple ankle strengthening physiotherapy sessions over the years. I've been dancing (modern) since I was 4, with three one-year breaks, including this year. I've given up running for the past few years because of the ankle instability. I regularly (well, not since my surgery) swim, practice pilates, dance cardio and mild weight training/aerobics (HIIT programs among others).
On February 20, 2020, I had full ligament reconstruction (anterior and posterior) on my left ankle (the weakest one by far), as well as anterior tendon repair and a cyst removed on the top anterior area of my foot. I was told post-op that I could put 15%-20% of my body weight on my foot (I'm approximately 56Kg for 1m60). Since then, I've been wearing a resin-based, split cast, held together with a bandage. It was changed once, two weeks ago. The last check-up I had then showed that my tissue repair is faster than average.
I was supposed to have the 6-week post-operative check-up with my surgeon, including the check-up x-ray, next Tuesday, with an orthopedic boot fitting. Due to the Covid-related lockdown, both have been canceled and replaced with a telephone check-up appointment. And it's not sure that I will be able to access rehabilitation physiotherapy, which I was supposed to start after this appointment. My doctor is saying that I should just keep this cast on because of this situation. He is also saying that the x-ray is not necessary in my situation. This is somewhat stressful, especially as it took me a few years to decide to have this operation.
My questions are as follows:
- Should I push to have the x-ray done at my GP (family doctor)'s office, which is located in a private practice?
- Should I push for the orthopedic boot? If not, can I do rehab with a cast on?
- What exercises can I do now, aside from the mild pilates/ab strengthening exercises I've been doing with weight bearing on my foot (I've also done some home "chair cardio" following youtube videos)?
- If I can't access physiotherapy because of the current situation, what should I do? And when?
I hope that someone can help me and alleviate my stress...

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