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    Brief Medical History Overview

    Age: 26, Female, Presenting Problem Since: A long time/ always, Symptom Behaviour: Slightly worse, Aggravating Factors:: Running, Easing Factors:: Rest, No Investigations, No Diabetes, No history of High Blood Pressure, No Osteoporosis, No Hx of Cancer, No Unexplained Weight Loss, Other Info: All of my joints are hypermobile/ unstable - my shoulders dislocate all the time

    Major problem / Symptomatic Areas

    Knee - Anterior - Left

    Knee - Anterior - Right

    Knee rotation - is this normal? (picture and video)

    Physical Agents In Rehabilitation

    Just wondering if this range of motion in the knee is normal? Lately my knees have been feeling unstable, and I can't run for more than 10 mins without pain.
    knee thumnail (2).jpg

    The pain on running has been going on for years, always hits at about the 10 min mark and is quite debilitating, but goes away pretty quickly if i stop running. Yes, I am overweight at the moment but this was happening even when I was thin and fit.

    Im mostly just curious as to whether that degree of rotational movement in my knees is normal.

    Thanks in advance for your replies

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