Hi There,

I was just wondering if anyone could lend some advice. I had ACL reconstruction in January (4 months ago), and for the past few weeks i have felt strong enough to start running again. I'm not an overly keen runner but have been doing 5k once or twice a week for the past 3 weeks, and improving with every run i'm around the 24 minute mark at the moment. At first i stuck to running around flat sports pitches, but the last couple of runs i have run on pavement, gravel and woodland.

My knee hasn't given me any sort of pain after, and i wouldn't continue if it had, although is slightly stiff the next day. I was wondering am i doing too much too soon, given that the surgery was less than 4 months ago? or am i on the right track?

I'm not currently seeing a physio because of the virus situation so been researching and i have seen different advice all over the place.

I'm 32 and hoping to get back into contact sports around September.

Many thanks

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