Had a tear actually complete rupture 5 years ago playing basketball. Scan showed it was 99% separated. It was only hanging on by a spaghetti-like fiber. Kept my foot in a boot for a month or so then light strengthening and it healed great without surgery.
I wasn't super strict with rehab but did strengthening exercises including low level gymnastics. Naturally I could barely do front flips because half my jumping power was removed. I built up but never could get 100% power on the right side.
Years later my right calf muscle is still quite slim in comparison. There is still a noticeable difference in strength when doing calf raises and movements like that. e.g. I can lift myself up with my left calf but not 100% with my right calf.
Also the right calf muscle when flexed is quite soft in comparison. It doesn't have that firm large calf muscle density.
I haven't done/don't do any weight training though. All just natural body training.
Is it just a matter of being more consistent and aggressive with strength training or could there be another issue for example, it healed, but not optimally?
How would a specialist assess?

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