Good day,

A couple of years ago I had a very bad muscle strain/slight tear in my right calf while running. It was more towards the inside of my leg (closest to my other leg), rather than the center or outside of the muscle. I couldn't walk for a few days, but eventually it got better and eventually quit hurting and I was able to resume walking normally. However, anytime I try to jog or run, I can feel that exact spot in my muscle hurting and feeling like it wants to tear again. I have no pain or problems otherwise and have no problems walking, going up inclines, climbing ladders, going up stairs, hiking, yoga, bicycle riding, swimming, standing on toes, bending down, etc. The ONLY time it hurts is when I attempt to jog or run, and it gets my attention INSTANTLY.

I'd like to get back to playing some tennis and racquetball, but I don't think my calf muscle will let me. Is this something that might be 'fixable' by stretching and massaging, or might this be something a little more involved? Not sure what to do, so thought I'd ask. I haven't really run since tearing the muscle, and it's been several years, so I'd think it would be healed by now. So I'm nut sure why it hurts the instant I try to run or jog.

Thanks in advance.


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