I am a 21 year old female. I used to be anorexic and bad a pretty bad exercise addiction - running around 20km daily. Now running about 7 km a day and have lately been feeling like there is some sort of strange feeling in my knees, hard to describe, same creakiness as you would expect with the worn out door hinges?

I don't have any major pain in knees after running, just a constant dull ache thats worse with squatting and going up and down stirs - but if I place my hand on the knee cap and then bend my knee and straighten out , I can feel the vibrations like how a door hinge gives a vibration as we move the door. Really concerned. Please help!

I can feel something like a weird grinding/vibrating sensation "in" my knee (Not in the same way I imagine tendonitis to do) when I move my feet up and down after having them placed on the ground (especially noticeable when driving), or even sometimes lying down flat on my back rotating my leg while just having my heel on the ground. I also can push at my patella with my fingers and create the same grinding sensation, and sometimes I even feel like my patella is "loose" or floating in ways it should not be (this is also most noticeable when going over even minor bumps while driving).

Also I sometimes get some redness and inflammation around my knee in the afternoon? Please help! very scared this is osteoarthritis.

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