Cold laser therapy utilizes non-thermal light to accelerate cellular regeneration. The wavelengths used are able to penetrate skin, soft tissues, cartilages and bones. Here's an in-depth research review to learn what is cold laser or low-level laser (LLLT) therapy, how LLLT works and what are the effects and benefits based on published clinical research.

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LLLT Complete

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The LLLT Complete multi-purpose cold laser photobiomodulation therapy system comes with a handheld applicator with 16 laser diodes and also allow reaching deeper with probe applicators for intra-nasal and in-ears photobiomodulation light application.

It's the perfect LLLT machine for a physiotherapy practice that offers complementary or adjunct pain treatment facilities to its clients. Home-users can also consider this excellent portable system and have something that works on a wide range of issues.

I'll be happy to learn about your experience or any case studies if you've tried LLLT professionally.

Thank you!

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