G'day mate !

I am a physiotherapy student from x university in Australia. To be a physiotherapist has always been my dream in life. I have done 4 years of physiotherapy study, passed all theory subjects . However, I am experiencing horrible failures in clinical placements. I have been on 4 second year clinical placements , have failed them all.

I tried so hard to improve myself , reflect and stay positive.

I have been bullied, told many mean stuff by supervisors on placement . Stuff they say can break one's heart and rip it open and makes you loose all your confidence . Honestly, supervisors always say "don't take this personally.."

They are so many horrible things I have been told I would not like to recall, I recall them for sake of improvement . But there are times which the words they say leads you to depression and self harm.

On the positive side of things, I have overcome all these emotional trauma , now staying positive.
Not sure what I should do, I would like to ask for advise here for future direction

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