Hi I am a 25 year old male runner.

Approx 6months ago I began to have a pain in my groin/inner thigh it started off as a 5or7/10 but lowered to a 3or4/10, but remained a constant almost numbness. I cannot locate the source of pain by touch and the pain moves around the inner thigh/groin and sometimes I feel discomfort at the lower part of my hamstring. Before I had the groin pain it started with knee and hip pain/ stiffness.

I went to see my physio and stopped running. At first we believed it was a stress fracture but after an MRI there was no conclusive evidence of a break or even a reaction. We now believe it could be nerve related (possible obturator nerve) but there has been no treatment to help rid the annoying feeling in my leg. About a month and a half ago the pain reduced and I could only feel a presence in my leg but no actual pain, after which my leg seemed fine till this week.

This week I had to stop running due to knee pain and what feels like swore and tight hips, the knee pain has subsided but the pain in my inner thigh has returned!

I am struggling to find any information about what the root cause of this is and if there are any treatments available. Can any one help please?

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