Hi all,
I need some advise on a hamstring injury I have had for 3 months now and was diagnosed as hamstring Tendinopathy from a physio.
My story is outlined below.
I completed my first marathon on April the 11th where I was doing up to around 80km per week for training.
After the marathon I took 2 weeks off to recover and then started doing some light runs again. The majority of my training had been low heart rate training.
I continued to do a couple of runs a week but decided to try a park run on the 1st of may. I ran at pretty much max effort and absolutely loved it so decided Iíd do these every Saturday as a sort of speed session through winter. The following week (my second park run) I pulled up a little sore in my right hamstring but didnít think too much of it and continued with some low HR runs during the week.
I skipped the next park run and did another on the 22nd of may then the 29th of may and 5th of June.
I then decided to have a week or 2 off from running to see if I could shake this injury but it wasnít to be.
I went and saw a physio on the 7th of July and was told I had Hamstring Tendinopathy (I had not heard of this before) and was given a couple of exercises to work with which Iíve been doing ever since but unfortunately I still carrying this annoying injury.
The exercises Iím doing are below.
1. Lay on tummy and lift foot to a 90į angle with resistance band load.
2. lay on back and push pelvis up raising butt off ground and holding.
3. Hip flexor stretches. I have been doing these for a while as Iíve also at had very right hip flexors and Iím pretty sure I also have anterior pelvic tilt.
4.Iíve also been using a hard ball to roll on.

The pain I have is probably a 3-4 out of 10 and has never been bad enough to stop me running but out of fear of further injury Iíve stopped.
When I do run I notice it mainly on hills.
we have stairs at home and they are no issue at all.
Iíve also been doing a little bike riding as this doesnít seem to cause any real pain at all.
The pain is right in the middle of my right hamstring and I have no pain at all near the top butt area which is why Iím wondering if it might be something other than Hamstring Tendinopathy.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated to shake this annoying injury.

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