Hi everyone,

I am a NZ registered physiotherapist and also a NZ resident. I have heard a lot of NZ registered physiotherapist practicing in Aussie. I am keen on it too but my long term plan is to start my own musculoskeletal private setting in the near future as most of the physios in NZ does the same. Any advice would be valuable on this. I am sure you must have heard about something known as ACC in NZ which is government funded service that helps patients to pay majority of physio charges/ fee. I am kinda unsure of similar thing exists in Australia as well. To start with I can work in a hospital setting for few years when i am in Australia but is it possible to open your own set up then after? Any kind of help will be appreciated.

PS: I am presently working as Musculoskeletal physiotherapist in NZ.

Thanks heaps
Physio Anamika

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