Hi everyone,
I hope you can help.

I'm really struggling to look for information about MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) recognition in Switzerland and Italy.

I'm Italian, but I live in the UK since 10 years now. This year I'm going to graduate in BSc Sport and Exercise Science and would like to start an MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) in January 2022. This course last 2 years full-time and has the same hours of placement as the BSc. However, this Master gives 90 ECTS credits, while the BSc gives 180 ECTS credits.
My plan for the future is to move to Switzerland or Italy, but I'm not sure if this Master is recognised there.
On the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy website they state that UK degrees are internationally recognised, but when I look for info in other countries they all consider BSc Physiotherapy, not MSc.
Is there any physiotherapist among you whomoved to Switzerland or Italy with the MSc Physiotherapy only, or do you know someone who did it and could help me to find an answer to my question?

My main concern is to study 2 years and then to not be recognised, which would mean to study everything again from the begininnig.

Thank you very much for your help.

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