Hello everyone!

We are a team of engineering graduate students at Stanford University. We are researching wheelchair services for a class project (Disrupt Disability); the goal of our project is to explore how new technologies could enhance the wheelchair fitting process e.g. by:

-Using 3D scanning to reduce the number of measurements required and provide more accurate input on fit.
-Embedding sensors in wheelchairs to provide users with ongoing and continuous feedback on the fit of their wheelchair
-Systematising the way in which data is shared between clinicians, DME/CRT providers and wheelchair manufacturers
-Reducing the time clinicians have to spend fitting a wheelchair (so they can spend more time on wheelchair training etc)
-Using individual users’ data to improve wheelchair design by creating parametric and/or generative designs for a new generation of customised wheelchairs

Your input to the questionnaire below will help us greatly in moving this project forward:

Google Forms – create and analyse surveys, for free.

Thank you in advance for your input and help!

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