Several years ago I caused myself patellar femoral syndrome in both knees after I lifted myself off the ground with heavy weighted dumbbells in my hands. After this I've always been getting clicking in my knees as I walk up every stair. I tried to do exercises to solve this at the time, but it never helped the clicking go away, but it helped with the minor pain that I had.

A few years later I noticed that I have snapping hip syndrome every time I bring my legs down after lifting them to my chest with no pain. I do sit down most of the day and hardly go outdoors for 4 years, so I know this is the cause. I noticed after doing some research that I have a very tight psoas muscle (where the groin meets the pelvis area both at the front and side my hips). My right side has a worse snapping sound and the psoas is also tighter on this side. When I foam roll I can feel a lot of tension to the point where I start to feel a sensation going down the front of my leg when I hit the right spot. Its a good feeling, not painful. I've started doing this twice a day along with a rectus femoris stretch, bridges, clamshells and side lying hip raises and I feel more flexible in my hip area already, but I don't know if I am doing enough to resolve my problem?

After releasing the tightness in my hips, which I expect could take several weeks, I will start trying to strengthen my legs in order to stop my knees clicking. When should I expect the snapping hip sound to disappear completely? Should it disappear straight away, or will it disappear towards the end after the several weeks of doing the exercises?

Thank you!

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