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    Stress Fracture - Metatarsal

    Physical Agents In Rehabilitation
    This summer I was diagnosed with a stress fracture and was told to give it 4 weeks rest. I only gave it 2 weeks. I played a whole football season with it becuase when I had my cleats on my foot never hurt. When I take my shoes of and run I have pain. After football I decided to rest it its been 5 1/2 weeks. There is has been no swelling no tendness and if I push on it hard I can get no pain out if it and I have never had any of those symptoms. A week in a half ago I did sprints and had a dull ache a very small one but still a ache like what I had before after I would get done running bafrefoot or on hard surfaces.

    I should note of I have lots of minor random foot pain. The foot in question has a very flat arch compared to the other one. I also have some metatarsal pain in both of my feet but the pain is not triggered by anything.

    Is it possible for this to be a stress fracture? I don't think someone could play a whole season on a stress fracture but I cant think of anything else this could be.

    Thank you, T unit

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