I'd be very grateful for your advice on something that's been going on since January. Very early Jan I fell down just a couple of stairs barefoot, landing with my little toe and two adjacent toes curled under my left foot. I felt pain across top of foot as well. I had my foot xrayed at the time and they said there was no sign of fracture. My toes were very bruised. Around a week later I noticed my left knee was puffy and started to feel painful. It got worse and sometimes the pain radiated behind the knee and up and down the leg. Also still occasional discomfort across top of foot and around achilles (and when I walk on the left leg there is a tightness down the back of the leg and perhaps my foot feels flatter). The knee pain has only just started to properly diminish over the last week. I had an mri scan on my knee. Bursitis was confirmed. Could the minor fall/injury to top of foot have caused this bursitis? Do you think I should get an mri on my foot to see what might be happening to top of foot? Happy to give any additional details.

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